Companies who contract with the David Lawrence Center Employee Assistance Program (DLC-EAP) provide a confidential resource for resolving personal, family and work-related concerns before they may become overwhelming crises that affect health, wellbeing and job performance.


If your company has contracted with the DLC-EAP, here are some helpful answers to frequently asked questions about how and when to access DLC-EAP services.
Why offer an EAP?
It’s simple. Companies who contract with the DLC-EAP consider their employees their most valuable asset. They understand that personal problems can prevent all of us from effectively reaching our goals. That’s why the availability of an EAP is such a valuable benefit. It provides employees with assistance to explore and resolve problems at work or home.
How can my EAP help me?
  • DLC’s compassionate and knowledgeable counselors can help:
  • By working with you to understand and clarify your needs.
  • By referring you to qualified professionals and helpful resources.
  • By following up to see if you have received the help you needed.
Do I have a choice in the EAP referral?
  • Of course. The choice always rests with you.
  • In many cases, DLC’s counselors will offer you more than one referral option and several resources to address your special issues.
DLC-EAP can help with a variety of issues such as:
  • Relationships (marriage, family, friend, co-worker)
  • Addictions (alcohol, drugs, food, gambling)
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Stressors (legal, financial, health)
  • Job/career
  • Parenting
  • Lifestyle issues
  • Grief and loss
  • Transition to retirement
  • Elder care
When should I use the DLC-EAP?
  • When family, friends or coworkers tell you you are not acting like yourself
  • When you want to talk to a coworker, spouse or friend about a problem, but are not sure how
  • When you know there is a problem, but do not know what to do about it
  • When you find yourself constantly worrying about a problem
  • When a problem causes you to be ill frequently and/or feel exhausted

How much does the EAP cost?

EAP services are free to you and your immediate family. The EAP is part of your employee benefit package provided by your company. If a referral is made to a service that requires you or your insurance carrier to pay a fee, you will be informed of the cost involved.

How do I get in touch with DLC-EAP?

It’s easy. Just call our confidential help line (239) 304-3519 and ask for a DLC-EAP representative.

Why should I call my EAP?

  • To get help with personal challenges that are negatively impacting your relationships with family and/or friends
  • To get help with professional challenges that are causing poor work performance and/or absenteeism
  • If your supervisor at work has recommended you seek help from EAP

Is EAP confidential?

  • Absolutely. Your supervisor, employer or family member will not know that you have sought assistance from EAP. The professional services you receive through EAP are strictly confidential. Information about your contact with EAP will be released only with your consent.

Could contacting EAP negatively affect my job and future promotions?

  • Never. The purpose of an EAP is to help you overcome challenges that may be interfering with your ability to perform your job. The goal is to eliminate problems that are affecting your job performance and future growth.

Your employer wants you to succeed!

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