Specialty Court Related Services Admissions

Specialty court services offered by the David Lawrence Center have been developed in partnership with Collier County law enforcement and judicial system. Through providing comprehensive treatment and abiding by rules set forth by Collier County, the professionals at the David Lawrence Center helps patients get back on track to restoring and rebuilding their lives. Adults must meet certain clinical criteria to enter into the program determined by a clinician through a comprehensive clinical assessment.

Mental Health Court

davi_img_mental-health-courtThe Collier County Mental Health Court is a collaboration between the criminal justice and mental health treatment systems. Mental Health Court provides select adult Defendants with a diagnosed mental illness who have been arrested with numerous services designed to assist with mental stability. The David Lawrence Center provides the Case Management component of the program.

The goal of the Mental Health Court is to provide alternatives to incarceration, increase the individual’s wellbeing and promote independence, reduce the chance of recidivism and help individuals obtain mental health services through improved access.

Mental Health Court provides enrolled individuals with the opportunity to actively participate in mental health services in order to achieve rehabilitation and reintegration in the community. The program is voluntary and is a minimum of six months and up to one year.

Referrals can come from the legal system, family members or community providers who have concerns about the individual’s mental health status.

Drug Court

davi_img_drug-courtThe Adult Drug Court Program diverts offenders with substance use and drug related criminal activity from the criminal justice system by offering them an opportunity to proactively deal with their dependence rather than face punitive alternatives. This more effective form of treatment combines a minimum of one year’s worth of mandatory drug testing, psychoeducational group therapy, case management, regular participation at Alcoholics and/or Narcotics Anonymous meetings, and routine probationary and judicial reviews.The Adult Drug Court Program is a community coordinated effort between the David Lawrence Center, Office of the State Attorney, The 20th Judicial Circuit, Department of Corrections and Department of Children and Families.

Clients must be court ordered into the program.

Veterans Court

U.S. Army Soldier, Sergeant. Isolated, smiling and parade rest. The Collier County Veterans Court program coordinates mental health and substance use services for adults with former military service who suffer from a military-related mental illness, traumatic brain injury or substance use disorder and have been arrested for a criminal offense.The goal of Veterans Court is to provide veterans with effective treatment and rehabilitation as well as alternatives to incarceration, so they will have the skills necessary to maintain a drug-and alcohol-free life, abide by the law, and establish positive and productive relationships with their families, their employers and their community. Any veteran with a history of military service regardless of their discharge status is eligible for evaluation into the program.

David Lawrence Center employs veterans who provide case management, outreach and peer mentoring support services. Additional services provided by DLC include jail outreach and assessment services; case management; substance use and mental health treatment services, including drug and alcohol testing; rehabilitation guidance; and employment and housing assistance.

This structured court-based program lasts an average of 12 months. A participant’s successful completion of the program and all probation terms may lead to reduction or even dismissal of their charges. Entry into the program is voluntary, but once accepted, compliance is required.

The Veterans Treatment Court is a community-coordinated effort between David Lawrence Center, Office of the State Attorney, The 20th Judicial Circuit Court, Department of Corrections, Office of the Public Defender, the Collier County Sheriff’s Office, the Veterans Administration and the Veterans Helping Veterans Volunteer Mentor Corps.

Deferred Prosecution

davi_img_deferred-persecutionDavid Lawrence Center’s Deferred Prosecution Programs provide substance use and mental health intervention and education programs for adults who have been referred by Collier County Probation. The programs are designed to divert individuals from the criminal justice system.

Substance Abuse Education Program

This program is for individuals with a non-violent first time drug and/or alcohol related misdemeanor charge. This six session educational program is designed to provide proven substance use intervention services.

The Substance Abuse Education Program (SAEP) is a specialty court related adult prevention program offered to individuals who have been placed on diversion by Collier County Probation. This deferred prosecution program helps divert individuals with a non-violent first time drug and/or alcohol related misdemeanor charge from the criminal justice system. Research based information is provided to help participants explore the many components of drug and alcohol addiction and offers guidelines to live a low-risk lifestyle in order to prevent future complications due to substance use. This is a weekly, three session educational program designed to provide proven substance use intervention services. Each session is two and half hours.


  • Self-Assessment
  • How to Identify Risk Taking Behavior
  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse Facts
  • Guidelines for Low Risk Lifestyle
  • Substance Abuse Prevention Tactics

View PDF

Responsible Citizen

This program is for individuals with non-violent, first time misdemeanor charges. The nine hour educational program includes education on consequences of unlawful behavior, time management, budgeting, communication and employment skills.

Individuals can also be referred by Collier County Probation into the Anger Management Group Therapy program.

Forensic Services

dlc_img_forensicForensic Services are provided to adults 18 years or older with a diagnosed mental health disorder and/or co-existing deficits in one or more areas of functioning who have been charged with a felony. These individuals are being processed through the legal system and have been found incompetent to proceed due to their mental condition. Forensic Services provides advocacy, support, monitoring, technical assistance and facilitation of movement through the criminal justice system.

Forensic Reintegration Support

davi_img_forensic-supportThe Collier County Forensic Reintegration Support Team (FIRST) program provides intensive community reintegration assistance to people that need treatment for mental health and/or substance use disorders. The program provides select people with services designed to facilitate their overall well-being. Referrals can come from family members, legal services, or community providers.

The FIRST Program team members provide participants with the opportunity to become engaged in mental health and/or substance use services, intensive case management, counseling, supported housing, supported employment, and peer support services in order to achieve rehabilitation and reintegration into the community.

The goal is to help clients:

  • Obtain mental health and/or substance use services through improved access
  • Attain permanent and stable housing
  • Improve social connectedness
  • Provide life skills training

Competency Restoration

dlc_img_competency-resCompetency Restoration Services are community and jail based services offered to adults with a diagnosed mental illness who have legally been deemed incompetent to stand trial. These services include a ten session, State approved, educational curriculum designed to restore a person’s ability to have a sufficient reasonable degree of rational understanding of the proceedings against him/her.

Competency Restoration Services benefit the community by providing an alternative to the growth of State Hospital commitments, reducing jail costs and overcrowding, collaborating and advocating directly with the Courts on behalf of those who suffer with a mental illness.

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