Kim Mayeu - Executive Assistant and Administrative Supervisor

Kim Mayeu is the Executive Assistant to the CEO and an Administrative Supervisor.

She received her bachelor’s degree in education from Geneseo State University and her master’s degree in business administration with a healthcare administration certificate from the University of Miami. She worked as a substitute teacher, tutor and preschool teacher until she ultimately owned and operated her own daycare.

Kim began her healthcare career when she became a unit secretary for the local hospital where she also worked part time in the medical records department. After a few years, she became the Office Manager for the hospital’s outpatient chemical dependency satellite office – an experience she says sparked her passion for helping others. She relocated to Florida after accepting a position with Alpha Omega Healthcare and The Bowling Green Inn in Lakeland, Florida where she continued working in the mental health and substance abuse field.

Kim joined the David Lawrence Center in September of 1997 as the Executive Assistant to CEO David Schimmel. Her role expanded when she assumed responsibility of the Medicare/Managed Care and Facility Credentialing. In 2007, in addition to her existing responsibilities, she became an Administrative Supervisor managing the front desk staff.

In the end, the mental health field ended up picking Kim and it was a great fit. She loves working at the David Lawrence Center because the mission gives her an opportunity to be part of helping others – her true passion that really began as a child when she aspired to be a teacher. She shared that, “Helping others to succeed and be the best they can be is very rewarding and gratifying. The best part about working at the David Lawrence Center is being able to be a part of a team that makes a difference in the lives of others.”