Katie Burrows - Forensic Services Clinical Supervisor

Katie Burrows is the Forensic Services Clinical Supervisor in the Adult Community Services Department. Through this program, she connects adults with a diagnosed mental illness who have been arrested with the appropriate mental health and substance abuse services needed to regain stability. As the coordinator, she receives referrals for the program, coordinates screenings in the jail or in the community, and then monitors their progress throughout the program term to insure that intervention plan goals are being met.

Burrows began her career in mental health in 1999 with the David Lawrence Center as a Behavioral Health Technician for the children’s psychiatric residential treatment program. Since that time, she advanced her career and was promoted to a variety of positions diversifying her areas of expertise. She previously served as a Children’s Case Manager, Substance Abuse Clinician and a Family Intervention Case Manager.

Katie has a true passion for what she does because she sees firsthand how people with mental health and substance abuse issues can and do get better. She adds, “Being able to watch someone’s life completely change from desperation and hopelessness to a functioning, happy member of society is an absolute honor. At the end of the day, I always feel like have been a part of helping someone in need.” It’s not just the client’s success that makes Katie love her job. She adds, “The staff people are amazing and a true pleasure to work with. My supervisor is the best. Everyone here is so dedicated to helping others. We work really well as a team.”

Katie is very well respected among her peers and coworkers and has a reputation for being helpful and a reliable resource for the Center’s procedures and systems. This hard work was recently recognized when she was named the Center’s Direct Service Provider of the Year in 2008. David Lawrence Center CEO David Schimmel stated, “Katie was chosen for this prestigious award because of her professionalism, dedication, reliability, warmth and genuine positive regard for the individuals she serves. She has been an integral part of making the Mental Health Court program a success for both Collier County and the clients the program helps get access to mental health treatment. The David Lawrence Center is honored to have her as an employee.”