Beverly Belli - Children's Services Administrator

Beverly Belli is the David Lawrence Center Children’s Services Administrator. She provides clinical supervision and administrative oversight for several children’s mental health services including case management, therapeutic behavioral onsite services and group therapy and she also oversees adult case management services. In addition to her supervisory role, she helps ensure that children and adults who have recently been released from the crisis stabilization unit are appropriately linked to other necessary programs and services improving continuity of care and maximizing clients’ success.

As the Children’s Services Administrator, Belli provides outreach services to partner organizations and promotes and markets the mental health and substance abuse services available to children and their families throughout the community. Her Supervisor, Geri Wagner, Director of Mental Health Services, states, “Beverly is an extraordinary leader and manager. She does a great job ensuring that children in our community get the help they need by improving access to the many qualified, specially trained children’s psychiatrists, therapists and mental health professionals the Center has on staff.”

Belli shares, “I really admire my staff for the care and commitment they have for our clients. They all work extremely hard and take personal and professional ownership for their clients’ success helping them solve the problems they face each and every day.” When asked what she likes best about her job, she offered, “It’s those very special times when a client squeezes your hand and thanks you – when you know that, without your intervention, they would have no place to stay and no one else to assist them. Or when a child improves their behavior at home and school and they begin to receive positive reinforcement instead of negative, it can really warm your heart. It’s those priceless moments that make my job so rewarding.”

Belli joined the David Lawrence Center in 2000 to develop and manage the Specialized Therapeutic Foster Care Program. She was later promoted to the Supervisor of Children’s Case Management before assuming her current role as Children Services Administrator. Prior to joining the Center, Belli was an Area Program Manager for the Massachusetts Department of Social Services where she worked with children for more than 37 years before relocating to Florida.

Belli has been recognized for her outstanding leadership and hard work having received the David Lawrence Center Leadership Award in 2003 and the Employee of the Year Award in 2005.