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Randy Share Story

Randy grew up in an upper middle class family in New York. In his 20’s, he landed a corporate job programming for IBM and became successful and bored. He began partying recklessly and got hooked immediately on cocaine. At 26, his family intervened and got him into his first of many treatment programs.

Several years later, the despair Randy felt over his lack of control led him to slit his wrists. He said, “I would go on eight day binges and blow through a ton of money. It makes you psychotic. I was sick of dealing with the drugs and wanted to be put out of my misery.” Luckily, his brother found him and had him admitted to a mental health facility.

This pattern continued for the next 20 years as he cycled through stunning professional successes in software and real estate sales and dangerous, life threatening drug use. He adds, “Addiction is a war against yourself. My ego got in the way of my recovery.”

When he discovered his true passion for writing and acting, Randy was inspired to finally get off the streets and get clean. He shares, “The crushing realization that I was going to lose my dream, finally made me want to get help.”

With a newfound commitment to recovery and a willingness to do whatever it took to stay clean, he was admitted to the David Lawrence Center Crossroads residential treatment program.

Now Randy is living one day at a time towards his dream. He adds, “It’s been life-changing for me. I know I am a miracle. David Lawrence Center helped me be the person I’ve always wanted to be.”