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Charlie Share Story

Since the young age of 4 when he tragically lost his best friend and God sister, Charlie has been experiencing extreme behavioral issues. Despite the best efforts of an outpatient counselor and a combination of ADHD, antipsychotic and bipolar medications, his behaviors got worse and he was kicked out of every day care.

By the time he began working with a David Lawrence Center therapist weekly in the school system, his teachers deemed him a trouble maker writing more than 200 referrals in one school year. He was verbally aggressive, impulsive, brought weapons to school, refused to complete homework assignments and often engaged in physical altercations with teachers and other students. His mother, a single parent with three children, was pushed to the edge. She shares, “I couldn’t keep a job because of the constant calls from the school. I was having panic attacks and was very stressed.”

Through a combination of parental guidance, positive reinforcement, learning what triggers his anger and how to cope with it appropriately, and finally being diagnosed with an emotional handicap and getting him into a smaller, special education class, he has gone from trouble maker to the Dean’s list.

Now 12, Charlie sees an outpatient counselor on a monthly basis and is effectively managing the symptoms of ADHD with medications. His mother boasts proudly, “He has friends now, is making better choices, volunteers at church and can recognize his own success. I am extremely thankful for the help we have both received. I never could have done it on my own.”

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