#StandUp Multimedia Contest

David Lawrence Center recently invited local middle and high school students to let their voices be heard by participating in our #StandUp Multimedia Contest. Through short essay, poem, song, and video submissions, youth were encouraged to be part of the conversation about how mental health has impacted their lives directly or indirectly.

Congratulations to our winners!

We received many thoughtful and creative submissions into our contest, and our Selection Committee gave much deliberation and careful consideration to all entries. Prizes will be given for winners in both the middle school and high school categories.


Click on links below to view submissions

First Place: Daniel Dean, 8th Grade

Title of Song/Poem: #StandUp

Second-Place: Jane Jones, 7th Grade

Title of Essay: Tunnel Vision


First-Place: Janellie Galecki, 10th Grade

Title of Poem: “Stand Up”

Second-Place: Sabrina Freire, 11th Grade

Title of Essay: Untitled

Submission Prompt: David Lawrence Center’s #StandUp campaign focuses on raising awareness and reducing the stigma associated with mental health, including depression, anxiety, bullying and substance use. How can you relate to #StandUp? What suggestions do you have to reduce stigma in your school or our community?