Join the Movement to Protect Our Kids!

The recent school tragedy in Parkland was a sobering reminder of the importance of students’ mental and emotional wellbeing. That’s why David Lawrence Center has launched #StandUp, a community-wide campaign to help keep our kids safe. Make the choice to #StandUp today and join us to help shine light on mental health and addiction issues that affect us all. Because healthy minds mean safer kids

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Together, with #StandUp neighbors like you, we want to:

  • Bring attention to the issues of mental health.
  • Help identify children at risk of harming themselves and others.
  • Ensure troubled kids have easy access to expert world-class mental healthcare.
  • Collaborate with educators, youth organizations, churches and law enforcement to keep our kids safe at home, in school, and in the community.
  • Help save lives!

Providing world-class mental health treatment:

If you or someone you know is going through a tough time, the David Lawrence Center offers customized mental health treatment for both children and adults. Anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, schizophrenia, and suicidal thoughts/tendencies are just a few we can help with. To seek immediate help, contact us at (239)455-8500, or click here to learn more about our programs for adults, children, and prevention. You can also read some of our many success stories here.

#StandUp Resources

David Lawrence Center Treatment Programs for Youth:

Inpatient Crisis Stabilization

Crisis Stabilization Services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the emergency mental health and substance use needs. The Children’s Crisis Stabilization Unit is a 4-bed, non-hospital, inpatient mental health unit that provides brief voluntary and involuntary evaluation and treatment for individuals experiencing a psychiatric crisis who meet the criteria defined under the Florida Mental Health Act. Evaluations are performed by a team of behavioral healthcare professionals trained in risk assessment and crisis intervention evaluations.

Outpatient Services

Outpatient therapy is available for children ages 3-17 and their families who may present negative behaviors, difficulty at school and/or family problems as a result of a psychiatric disorder or life stressors. Therapy for many youth is a brief process designed to provide support, clinical direction and assist in developing effective coping skills.

Community Services

Children’s Community Services are offered to children and adolescents with a diagnosed mental health or substance use disorder who have numerous deficits in their areas of function that require a variety of services and/or resources to meet those needs. Community Services are community-based and provided throughout Collier County. Children can access these services in Naples and Immokalee but must meet certain clinical criteria to enter into the program determined by a clinician through a comprehensive clinical assessment.


TeleHealth is an innovative approach to deliver convenient web-based behavioral health services to individuals using a HIPAA compliant, secure, online mental health counseling platform. Through this website, you get help with anxiety, loss of a loved one, relationships, depression, trauma or other issues related to your mental health by accessing David LawrenceCenter’s exceptional, compassionate, highly trained professionals online.

Specialty Court-Related Services

David Lawrence Center provides Specialized Case Management Services to children and adolescents who have challenges in school due to behavioral issues, are experimenting with substance use, or have become involved with the Department of Juvenile Justice through probation, diversion or truancy program. This program is designed to coordinate services and resources to meet the unique needs of each individual. David Lawrence Center acts as a liaison between the client, family and/or other support systems as well as serves a mediator between our patients and the court system.

Holistic Therapies

David Lawrence Center offers a variety of holistic therapy services to appropriate and eligible clients. These supplemental services allow our clients to fully express themselves in a number of different ways and to provide a healthy outlet for stressors.

Prevention Programs

David Lawrence Center offers prevention education programs that focus on a variety of mental health and substance use topics. Children’s prevention programs are targeted towards children, adolescents, parents and preschool educators. These programs provide alternatives, information dissemination and problem identification on substance use, suicide, life skills, conflict resolution, anger management, behavioral problems, and depression. In addition to the psycho-educational groups held onsite at the David LawrenceCenter, prevention staff often go into the schools and aftercare programs to provide awareness and training on a variety of topics. These can be scheduled through the Speaker’s Bureau.