The Active Parenting programs are provided to parents interested in developing additional skills and strategies to maintain a positive relationship with their child. Through use of an evidence-based curriculum, video clips, and group discussions, parents will learn ways to build character and responsibility in their child, while addressing misbehavior and power struggles in an effective manner.

The Prevention Services department provides two Active Parenting programs:

  • Parenting Today (For parents with children ages 5 to 12)
  • Parenting Teens

Both programs are offered in six, two-hour sessions, held weekly. Programs are offered on a quarterly basis.

At the sessions, parents will learn effective ways to:

  • Improve communication and cooperation
  • Guide healthy and safe choices
  • Teach their child how to thrive in society today
  • Use practical discipline approaches to teach responsibility and other values
  • Initiate conversations to prevent the use of substances and other life challenges

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To register, simply fill out the form below. Program dates are tentative based on participant confirmation, so it is important to confirm your attendance. For more information, please call (239) 263-4013.