Mental Health

  • Tips for Managing Anxiety & Panic Attacks

    July 15, 2019

    Anxiety is one of the most common mental health symptoms, and people can experience it in varying degrees. You may be feeling everyday stress that you can generally manage, or you could be experiencing an extreme panic disorder that makes it hard to...

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  • Too Many Kids, Not Enough Beds

    June 11, 2019

    One day last November, the children’s crisis stabilization unit (CCSU) at David Lawrence Center was already beyond full, with 11 clients receiving critical care for their urgent needs. But that was only the beginning. By the end of the evening, that number had...

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  • Two DLC Staff Receive Mental Health First Aid Training

    June 10, 2019

    DLC's Ariella VanHara and Jessica Liria were recently certified as MentaI Health First Aid Trainers, and here's how they’re making a difference. Ariella VanHara grew up watching her mom, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), help people in their time of need, and...

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  • What Does A Panic Attack Feel Like?

    April 08, 2019

    Have you ever suddenly started sweating, felt dizzy, began to tremble, and maybe even lost your breath? You might get nauseous, feel numb, or get chills. It may happen when you’re in a stressful situation, or it could just come out of nowhere....

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  • No Easy Road to Recovery

    March 07, 2019

    Do you remember where you were on April 20, 1999? Austin Eubanks will never forget. He was curled up under a table at Columbine High School, fearing for his life. Two students went on a shooting spree that day, in what was then...

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  • Prevention Corner: Getting to Know Prevention Specialist Nicole Combs

    March 07, 2019

    Name & Title: Nicole Combs, Prevention Specialist, May 2015-Present Nicole implements evidence-based prevention programs throughout the community, and in both school and after-school settings. Prevention programming focuses on reducing risk factors and increasing protective factors. Youth of all ages, ranging from pre-kindergarten through 12th...

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  • New State Law Helps Students

    March 07, 2019

    After the death of a family member, a 16-year-old local high school student was struggling with depression. Someone notified the school’s social worker, who began meeting with this young woman. And when the student missed school one day, the social worker notified authorities...

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  • Prevention Corner: How Do I Talk to My Kids About Drugs?

    March 07, 2019

    Q&A with Jessica Liria, M.S. | Supervisor of Prevention Services Q: I know I should be having discussions with my kids about drugs, but I have no idea what to say. How do I bring it up? A: It may seem tough, or...

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  • Mental Health Access Improvement Act

    March 06, 2019

    On January 31, 2019, The Mental Health Access Improvement Act (S. 286), was introduced into the U.S. Congress. This bipartisan bill, if passed, would expand benefits to Medicare recipients so they can access behavioral health services provided by licensed mental health counselors (LMHCs) and marriage...

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  • Defending the Defenseless

    February 07, 2019

    Mariana Perez has always looked out for the little guy ...and still does so, serving a community in great need at DLC’s Immokalee office. Mariana Perez used to get into fights as a little girl growing up in Colombia ... not because she...

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  • Prevention Corner: Getting to Know DLC’s Prevention Specialist Coral Vargas

    January 07, 2019

    Name & Title: Coral Vargas, Prevention Specialist, July 2017-Present In her position, Vargas implements evidence-based prevention programs throughout the community, in both in-school and afterschool settings. Prevention programming focuses on reducing risk factors and increasing protective factors. Youth of all ages, ranging from pre-kindergarten through...

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  • What Kids Can Do To Stand Up To Bullying

    January 07, 2019, a Website managed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, has five great tips for kids about how to deal with bullying: Treat everyone with respect Nobody should be mean to others. Stop and think before you say or do...

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  • How to Deal with Bullies

    January 07, 2019

    Here's what one mom has learned after her daughter stood up for a friend in a bullying situation at school . . . and what you can learn from it, too. -By Karen When the phone rang and I looked at my caller...

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  • In Pursuit of Happy Endings

    November 08, 2018

    She’d often be seen walking the streets of Naples, acting abnormally, talking nonsense, disturbing the peace. But she was no physical threat to anyone. She had been arrested numerous times, but all for naught. She was caught in an ugly cycle of spending...

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  • Treatment not jail; ‘yes’ vote invests in mental health, saves for taxpayers

    October 12, 2018

     The following commentary, by Scott Burgess, David Lawrence Center President & CEO, ran in the Naples Daily News on October 11, 2018 (view the article here). Burgess was asked to explain how the new mental health facility proposed as part of a county...

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  • Bring More Mental Health Resources to Collier County: Vote YES in November

    September 24, 2018

    David Lawrence Center proudly supports the Naples Chamber of Commerce in the One Collier initiative. If you’re not familiar with One Collier, it is a political committee formed in Collier County by the Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce to support the passage of...

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  • Help for Troubled Students

    September 18, 2018

    Sen. Kathleen Passidomo is Legislator of the Year after passing a bill to provide every child in Florida schools with access to mental health services When State Senator Kathleen Passidomo was asked to chair a committee on education spending in Florida, she rounded...

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  • How Holistic Help Heals

    February 13, 2018

    Through a variety of holistic therapy programs, adults and children are finding ways to cope with life's stresses at David Lawrence Center. A 50-something man who was trapped in substance use for years finally found a way to beat his addiction by going...

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  • Bridging the Funding Gap: Why Your Support Is Needed

    December 06, 2017

    Government funding only goes so far at David Lawrence Center, where private gifts and donations are indispensable for the work we do. When it comes to state spending for mental health, Florida ranks 49th in the nation, almost at the bottom. Florida spends...

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  • All We Need Is Love

    December 06, 2017

    Naples Children and Education Foundation, founders of the Winter Wine Festival, will host “Meet the Kids Day” on January 26, where you can meet some of the children that are helped by the community’s support. Erin was having a difficult time negotiating the...

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  • The Best Thing Ever

    By Sarah

    November 02, 2017

    After surviving an abusive childhood, I was severely depressed, cutting myself, and wanting to die. I ended up at David Lawrence Center . . . and I started to feel hope for the first time. A little over a year ago, I was...

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  • “I Would Lash Out at My Family”

    June 05, 2017

    Giselle’s anger was out of control, and it hit her family the hardest . . . sometimes quite literally. When Giselle lost her cool, she would yell and scream, throw things, break things, and strike her siblings. Her mom, a single mother of...

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  • What You Need to Know About 13 Reasons

    By Karen Buckner, David Lawrence Center Director of Children’s Community Services

    June 05, 2017

    13 Reasons Why, the Netflix TV series about a high school girl’s suicide, is popular with teen viewers, in spite of its dark, heavy, and controversial subject matter. Parents and mental health experts can’t agree on whether it’s appropriate for teens to watch:...

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  • DLC Music Therapy with logo

    Music Therapy’s Unique Power to Promote Healing

    By Michael Rohrbacher, Ph.D., MT-BC, Associate Professor, Florida Gulf Coast University Bower School of Music & the Arts

    April 28, 2017

    Therapy for mental illness is about change in the best possible way. Now think about music and you'll realize that music is rich with change. The notes of the melody change. Rhythms constantly change. Chords change. Continual change is one of many commonalities...

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  • Lab with a pipette in a medical lab

    Pharmacogenetic Testing Can Save Lives

    By Dr. Elena Zerpa, DLC Child & Adolescent Staff Psychiatrist

    April 04, 2017

    David Lawrence Center has recently added pharmacogenetic testing for our clients, and this innovative tool is already proving extremely helpful. Let me explain a bit about what this testing is and does. Each of us has a unique genetic makeup. The genes we...

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  • Meet Local Mental Health Heroes at our Mental Health Month Open House and Grand Opening in May

    March 01, 2017

    During National Mental Health Awareness Month, each year in May the mental health community joins together to reaffirm our commitment to building a better understanding of mental illnesses, increasing access to treatment and spreading awareness about the importance of good mental health for...

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    By MARY R.

    November 30, 2016

    Holidays are joyful, festive times. Right? So why do they feel like an overwhelming minefield of triggers and temptations to people who suffer from addiction, mood swings, depression and anxiety? Maybe we have unrealistic expectations of how we’re supposed to feel during the...

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  • Therapy: Starting a Therapeutic Garden

    August 23, 2016

    Did you know that an excellent way to ease mental stress, anxiety, PTSD, and depression is right in your backyard? Simply by planting and taking care of a garden, you could benefit from reduced symptoms and improve your mental health. How Reliable Is...

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  • Explaining the Answer to “What Is Depression?” and “What Is Anxiety?” to Others

    August 10, 2016

    You’ve felt it coming on, and you know it’s there, but explaining what chronic anxiety is to someone who has never experienced it can be a daunting task. And even though you know you have it, even you might even be wondering what...

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  • Your Naples Mental Health Center

    July 01, 2016

    Mental health is part of who we are: it is comprised of our emotional, psychological and social well-being. The lifetime chances of being affected by a mental health problem — whether it is your own or that of someone you know — is...

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  • The Connection Between Diet and Mental Health

    June 21, 2016

    We know what you eat can affect your waistline, but not many people realize that what you eat (and don’t eat) can also affect your mental health. Eating in a healthy way can help prevent and manage a variety of mental health conditions,...

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  • Mental Health Tips for Dealing with Traumatic Events

    June 01, 2016

    Sadness, fear, helplessness, and anxiety are all natural responses to the shooting in Orlando. Everyone feels and reacts to traumatic events such as hate crimes and terrorist attacks differently. There’s no right or wrong way to feel. But, if you or someone you...

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  • Am I Depressed? Symptoms of Depression

    May 03, 2016

    Everyone can get the blues — especially when you’re facing tough times. It’s a normal part of life. Stress, the loss of a loved one, divorce, and financial trouble can all play a role in contributing to depression. However, depression that persists longer...

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  • Should You Always Have the Same Therapist? How to Know it’s Time to Find a New Therapist

    April 19, 2016

    Seeking therapy is a great way to resolve personal issues that you may be dealing with. If you already have a therapist, then you know the benefits of having an objective third party to turn to that will help you conquer your issues....

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  • Living in a 24/7 Connected World and the Effects on Mental Health

    April 07, 2016

    It’s no secret that technology has made leaps and bounds in the last decade. We’re now able to do so much from the palms of our hands; we can pay bills, make reservations, shop online, and so much more. There’s no doubt that...

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  • Issues and Answers About Cyberbullying

    March 28, 2016

    Cyberbullying is the use of electronic communication to bully a person. This is usually done by sending mean messages or even threats to someone though a website, email, social media, phone or text message. With over 80% of teens having access to cell...

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    March 22, 2016

    It is never easy to see someone you care for struggling with a physical or mental health disorder, and the value of friendship during these challenging times is crucial. Too often, people respond negatively when someone shares that they struggle from a mental...

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    March 10, 2016

    If you suffer from anxiety, you know that overcoming panic attacks is far from easy. However, there might be a better way to deal with your condition compared to what you have tried in the past. The most effective way to cope with...

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    March 01, 2016

    In honor of February’s National Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, our second prevention student mental health We Care Campaign video focused on bringing awareness to the dangers of teen dating violence. The We Care Campaign is a collaboration with the David Dawrence Center,...

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    February 23, 2016

    Selecting the right mental health doctor can be a challenge, especially if you are unfamiliar with the area. However, choosing the right mental health doctor ultimately relies on your individual needs and circumstances. Some factors you will want to consider in choosing the...

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