Access to Services

Individuals may access all programs and services in Naples by contacting our Access Center at the David Lawrence Center main campus off of Golden Gate Parkway located in Building B-1 at 6075 Bathey Lane. Services for clients in Immokalee can be accessed by contacting the David Lawrence Center Immokalee Satellite Services office located at 425 North First Street. For some specialty court referred programs, clients must access services at the Horseshoe Satellite Office located at 2806 South Horsehsoe Drive. If you are unsure if your program is court referred, please call (239) 491-7602 to inquire which location or refer to your court documents.

Our innovative centralized access-to-services model allows individuals to be evaluated by a highly skilled behavioral health professional on the same day services are requested. This initial screening with a non-prescribing clinician is available on a walk-in basis and evening assessments are available upon request at your convenience.

Our dedicated Access Center Team is available to answer your questions and help you navigate our client-friendly access process for routine, urgent and emergent care. Staff will carefully explain your treatment options and schedule any necessary follow up appointments. Assessments are completed based on urgency and availability.

Priority admission is given to pregnant women, women with dependent children, and IV drug users. Priority admission may be available to other populations on a case-by-case basis. Contact us for more information.

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Emergency Services Assessment Center

For emergency evaluations and admissions, the Emergency Services Assessment Center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to perform Baker Act evaluations.

The Emergency Services Assessment Center includes three secure observation rooms designed to increase the Center’s capacity for accepting, triaging and observing children and adults in crisis who may be suffering from a mental illness, substance use problem, personal crisis or serious emotional problem.

The Emergency Services Assessment Center works like a traditional hospital emergency room where staff specially trained in suicide risk assessments can triage clients by conducting an emergency screening to determine if they are appropriate for a more restrictive inpatient admission on the Crisis Unit or can be provided stabilization services on an urgent or routine basis. Individuals in crisis presenting to the Center voluntarily or involuntarily can be held and observed for up to 12 hours in the observation area.

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Deaf and Hard of Hearing

David Lawrence Center has an Auxiliary Aid Plan to establish guidelines for ensuring the provision of services to clients and companions who may be hearing impaired or have limited English proficiency. All Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing customers/companions in need of Auxiliary Aids will be offered these services at no additional cost as per Federal Law and contractual agreement. Learn more about the DLC Auxiliary Aid Plan click here.

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