Equine Therapy Pilot Program Launched

February 2nd, 2013

A new Equine Therapy program is being piloted with a select group of clients from the Crossroads, Behavioral Health Network, Wrap Around Collier and Therapeutic Behavioral Onsite Services programs. The weekly program is held offsite at our collaborative community partner’s facility, the Naples Equestrian Challenge, and involves grooming, feeding and caring for horses. The therapeutic program allows for interaction with an animal to help bring clients out of his/her immediate anxieties and concerns and focuses attention on care of the animal.

This is a form of experiential psychotherapy that provides the client with opportunities to enhance self-awareness and re-pattern maladaptive behaviors, feelings and attitudes. The weekly session is designed for up to six clients. Each individual interacts directly with a horse in the group. Session topics include developing skills for communication, relationships, cooperation and self-reflection.

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