David Lawrence Bathey Memorialized Forever on Our Campus

February 3rd, 2014

Next time you visit the DLC Polly Keller Campus, you will notice that a beautiful new permanent memorial has been erected in honor of our namesake David Lawrence Bathey. The structure, known as an obelisk, a tall, four-sided, narrow tapering monument, is situated on the centrally located, brick paved circular walk way between Substance Abuse and Specialty Services and Children’s Outpatient Services (Building D), Adult Outpatient and Medical Services (Building C) and Acute Care Services (Building B). It has a plaque that reads “In appreciation to the Bathey Family for their generous support to mental health”. Facing the monument sits a bench inscribed with the “Bathey Family” name surrounded by serene landscaping for peaceful reflection.

The Center was named in honor of Doug and Mercy Bathey’s son, David Lawrence Bathey, who died due to substance abuse and mental health issues. Among many other generous contributions, the Batheys donated the land the Center’s 8-acre main campus now resides.

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