Collaboration Helps Pilot Innovative, Web-based Telehealth Mental Health Services

April 1st, 2015

By Scott Burgess

David Lawrence Center is continuing to find ways to mobilize its strategic plan in exciting and innovative ways. One wonderful example of advancing several priorities including: on-going innovation, increasing partnerships and enhancing access to care, is our expansion in TeleHealth mental health services. DLC was an early adopter of telepsychiatry between our satellite locations and other providers, but now has increased capacity to provide direct web-based counseling throughout the state of Florida. This has been made possible through a new pilot with Alienated Grandparents Anonymous (AGA). The Center is a treatment partner for AGA grandparents who need additional support outside of the scope of the self-help support group.

Anyone in need of therapy, crisis support or coaching can access this innovative, web-based TeleHealth program using our secure, online platform. Our specially trained therapists in the areas of grandparent alienation, parental alienation syndrome, trauma and separation can be accessed through any computer with a built-in video camera.HIPAA compliant, face-to-face video counseling sessions can happen anytime from anywhere with a secure internet connection. Clients can also schedule appointments, download forms and make payments through the platform.

There are many reasons alienation can happen that include everything from divorce, differing opinions, personality disorders, new relationships and unresolved trauma. The goal of the collaboration is to prevent unnecessary suffering from depression, anxiety, grief and loss as well as any unresolved trauma that is affecting an individual’s ability to live life to its fullest potential and achieve a positive, healthy living.

This innovative program promotes continuity of care and access to mental health services by providing our qualified, expert treatment professionals with a convenient and effective tool for facilitating successful sessions online. Although TeleHealth services is currently being piloted with AGA, these services are available to anyone in the State of Florida and we have plans to expand this once the pilot is complete.

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